Accessibility Infrastructure

Built-up environment

Composite regional centre (CRC), Bhopal, is known for its barrier-free environment. The center is designed as per the guidelines of the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. CRC was awarded earlier in 2006 with national award for barrier-free environment. We try to create a best visiting experience for every visitor.

Let us take you on a short tour

The broad entrance and restriction-free path ease mobility within the campus. The entire pathway, right from the entrance to the interiors, is designed with distinct colors and rough-surfaced pavements to guide blind or low-vision individuals through the pathway. At the entrance and wherever necessary, you will find ramps with a frictional path, to enable smooth movement of locomotion devices for beneficiaries. The installation of the handrail is done throughout the campus to let beneficiaries navigate without any troubles.

To make the exploration easier for you, we have our center and the working divided into four sections, namely A, B, C, and D. At the entry point of each of four wings, we have the purpose of that section mentioned in hindi as well as imprinted in braille.


We understand that your loved ones have tough phases, and we adore helping you to make this life a little less complicated for them. You can boost their confidence, not only by assisting them, preferably by making them independent. To make things accessible, you can make little improvements in the infrastructure of your place. We offer free consultation service for all families, groups as well as organizations to make the barrier-free environment.

For your ease, we do have a handy booklet for you:

Information technology center

In today’s age of technology, when everything is getting digitized, we help our beneficiaries with all the tools and devices that can ease their day-to-day activities. We not only offer the consultation but also guide you with their usage. We have a computer lab installed at our center to assist our beneficiaries as well as scholars in performing research and impart knowledge to the community. Our experts, at the center, are always available to assist beneficiaries in the opportunities that they could explore from the future prospects.

Transportation assistance

Navigation between places is quite challenging for specially-abled individuals. In order to create a barrier-free environment and make day-to-day life easier for beneficiaries, our center gives consultation to the stakeholders and transport management committees to install certain things in the means of transport to make transportation easier for them.

From taking your first step in the campus to leaving it, we care to help you around and feel self-reliant.