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Composite Regional Centre (crc) ,Bhopal (M.P.)
Composite Regional Centre (crc) ,Bhopal (M.P.)
Composite Regional Centre (crc) ,Bhopal (M.P.)
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                                             CLINICAL Services

CRC-Bhopal provides comprehensive assessment, therapeutic, educational, training, and other necessary rehabilitation services to persons with all types of disabilities. These are well planned and executed through a trans-disciplinary team. The services available are as follows.

Assessments leading to Diagnosis

  1. Audiology

  2. Clinical Psychology

  3. Occupational therapy

  4. Orientation and Mobility

  5. Orthosis & Prosthesis

  6. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

  7. Physiotherapy

  8. Speech and Language Pathology

  9. Special Education

  10. Vocational Development



  1. Auditory Training & Therapy

  2. Behavior Therapy and Psychotherapy

  3. Fabrication & Fitment of Orthosis & Prosthesis

  4. Occupational therapy

  5. Orientation and Mobility Training

  6. Parent guidance and counseling

  7. Prescription and fitting of hearing aids and ear mould

  8. Pre-school and School Readiness Programme

  9. Sensory integration Therapy

  10. Special Education

  11. Vision stimulation & Sensory training           

  12. Vocational training and placement


Related other services

  1. Certification

  2. Early identification and intervention

  3. Maintenance and repairs of aids and appliances

  4. Railway Concession

  5. Referral and follow-up checks



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