CRC aims to empower persons with disabilities (Divyangjan) to live independently and contribute to the community like everyone else. The primary objective of setting up CRC is to create the infrastructure required for training and manpower development, research, and providing services to persons with disabilities, particularly in those parts of the country where such infrastructure is lacking. CRC has following objectives:

  • To serve as a resource centre for rehabilitation and special education of persons with disabilities.
  • To establish linkages with existing medical, educational, and employment services, following the principles of community-based rehabilitation and offer extension services in rural areas.
  • To stimulate the growth of services by encouraging and supporting voluntary organizations, parent groups, and self-help groups.
  • To undertake human resource development by training rehabilitation professionals, village level workers, multi-rehabilitation workers, and other functionaries in the government and non-government sector required for providing services to persons with disabilities.
  • To develop strategies for delivering rehabilitation services suitable to the socio-cultural background of the region.
  • To undertake research and development with specific reference to the needs of diverse groups of people with disabilities, keeping in view the nature and severity of disability in the region.
  • To undertake public education programs for the creation of awareness in the parents and the community.
  • To undertake designing, fabrication, and fitment of aids and appliances to help individuals overcome their disability.
  • To conduct the service of education and skill development leading to the enhancement of opportunities for employment, rehabilitation, mobility, communication, recreation, and integration in society.