The children/adults with speech and hearing impairments are examined, diagnosed and intervened in this department. After a general case history in the center individuals are referred to this unit for hearing assessment and speech therapy services. The speech and hearing unit have two demarcations, namely, Audiology and Speech Language Pathology Unit.


Audiology unit basically deal with multiple hearing assessment which help individuals with hearing impairment. As part of speech and hearing following test are as follows:

  1. Pure Tone Audiometry
  2. Behavioral Observation Audiometry
  3. Conditional Play Audiometry
  4. Speech Audiometry
  5. Tinnitus Retraining therapy 
  6. Free Field Audiometry

 These all are test help individuals for their intervention.


Children having congenital or acquired developmental disorders, stammering or stuttering or voice problems or articulation errors may attend a speech language pathology unit. Adults having communication disorders due to various causes such as brain injury or trauma may also attend the speech and language pathology unit.

Individuals suffering from development disorders may be associated or secondary to disorders like hearing impairment, cleft lip, cerebral palsy, Autism Spectrum disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, etc.

When an individual has speech and hearing disorders, they will be treated with:

  • Speech therapy
    • Voice therapy
    • Fluency therapy
    • Articulation therapy
  • Language therapy
  • Swallowing therapy

Further, we would like to add insights regarding therapies for different disorders:

  • Voice Therapy involves the treatment of individuals suffering from Vocal Cord Palsy or ulcers, Dysphonia, Aphonia, Puberphonia Androphonia, Laryngectomy, Glossectomy, harsh, husky, hoarse, strained or breathy voice issues.
  • Fluency therapy treats individuals cluttering, stuttering, or stammering issues.
  • Articulation therapy is used to cure Articulation and phonological disorders like Aphasia, Dysarthria, Dysphagia, Apraxia, etc.
  • Language therapy and Swallowing therapy are meant to improve communication by caring while eating, drinking, swallowing, and speaking with others in groups.

Assistance for aids:

Differently-abled persons require special aids and appliances for their daily functioning. These aids are made available at CRC under various schemes of the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.

For manpower development and building resources to contribute to the community:

  • Our experts in different domains deliver lectures.
  • We are involved in the dissertation work for Scholars belonging to PG courses.