Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) also called Physiatry or Rehabilitation Medicine is a medical specialty that deals with diagnosis and management of temporary and permanent disability. Doing post graduation in this specialty after basic MBBS degree enables the doctor to prescribe holistic rehabilitation treatment beyond medicine and surgery viz. lifestyle changes, therapeutic exercises, artificial limbs, environmental changes etc. Unlike other medical specialties that focus on a medical “cure,” the goal of the physiatrist is to maximize independence in living and improve quality of life.

At CRC, the Assistant Professor (PMR/ME) provides diagnosis and prescription for all kinds of disabilities defined in RPWD Act, 2016. S/he manages disabling conditions of all body systems like developmental disorders, paralysis, amputation, bone and joint diseases, injury, cancer, old age, and medical problems associated with all the disabling conditions in a goal-oriented fashion. S/he provides diagnosis and prescription in OPD setting for those who are not diagnosed elsewhere. S/he serves persons with disabilities of all ages and gender. Those who come with prior medical diagnosis are dealt directly by respective rehabilitation and paramedical professionals at CRC. CRC does not have IPD and intervention set up at present.