Aim & Objectives

  • For rehabilitation of persons with disabilities and assistance to purchase necessary accessories to live an independent life.
  • To provide information related to the equipment installation and maintenance from agencies for the disabilities mentioned in the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 and National Trust Act, 1999.
  • To provide necessary medicine/surgery to install the equipment (Rs. 1000 for hearing impairment, Rs. 2000 for visual impairment, Rs. 10000 for mobility disability)


Eligibility Criteria and Exemptions Given to Beneficiaries

  • Eligibility:

    • Beneficiary must be an Indian citizen (of any age).
    • Beneficiary must be a 40% disability certificate holder.
    • From all sources of income, the annual income of the beneficiary must be less than Rs. 20000 per month.
    • The beneficiary shouldn't have received the same equipment under the same scheme in the last 3 years (1 year for less than 12 years of age)
  • Exemptions:
    • 100% exemption will be provided to the beneficiary having income of less than Rs. 15000 per month.
    • Upto 50% discount can be availed by beneficiaries having a monthly income between Rs. 15001- Rs. 20000.


Cost Of Payable Equipment

  • Normally Rs. 10000 or less
  • For handicapped students studying in class IX or above
    • Up to Rs. 12000
    • The aid of Rs. 12000 will be provided for high tech equipment costs up to Rs. 20000.
  • For equipment costing more than Rs. 20000, some exemptions can be provided only after permission from the Ministry.


Assistance for Locomotor Disabilities

  1. Prosthesis
  2. Orthosis
  3. Gaming accessories (Mobility Aid)
  4. Special footwear (Surgical Footwear)
  5. MCR (Micro Cellulose Rubber) Sandals
  6. Accessories for daily activities
  7. Motorized tricycle and wheelchair
  8. Adjustable chair / reacher
  9. Silicone organs – For acid attack survivors


Assistance To Support Leprosy Disability

  • Universal cuff
  • Nail cutting tools
  • Soap holder
  • Rubber gloves
  • Insulated scissors/tumblers
  • Tap rod
  • Grip aid
  • Button hook/zipper pull
  • Stylus
  • Adopted pen positioning splint/glass holder
  • Built-up / Adapted / Angle spoon
  • Hand splint
  • Foot brace
  • MCR sandals
  • Cell phone
  • Silicone implant


Assistance for Visually Impaired Beneficiaries

  1. Accessible mobile phone for students above 18 years of age – 1 time in 5 years
  2. Laptop, braille note taker, braille for students studying in class 10th and above – 1 time in 10 years
  3. Learning tools
  4. Braille stationery
  5. Braille converter for communication devices and phones
  6. Low vision device
  7. Specialized gaming device (mobility aid)


Devices & Equipments include:

  • Stick – Folding / Straight / Smart
  • Wallet, Note Checker, Signature Guide, Watch (Braille/Speak), Medicine Dispenser
  • Radio/CD player
  • Measurement Materials – Tape, Braille Scale, Counting Cup, Speak Measurer (Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Temperature) Audio Labeler
  • Games – Ball, Ludo, Snake Ladder, Dice Saucer, Chess, Draughts, Pegboard
  • For Writing/Typing – Interpoint/Interline Braille Slate/Brailer
  • For Maths – CubeRhythm, Abacus, Taylor Frame, Type, Speak Calculator
  • For Learning - Tactile Geometry / Drawing Board / Diagram Set / Scrabble Board
  • Optical Equipment – ​​Magnifier/Glasses
  • Non-Optical Equipment
  • Hardware – Smartphone (Screen Reader/Magnifier), Pocket-sized Keyboard for Phone, Laptop, Tablet, Daisy Player (Basic/Advanced), Video Magnifier (with Mouse/Handheld), Refreshable Braille Display, Speak Blood Sugar/ Blood Pressure /heat gauge, audio labeler
  • Software - Screen Reading/Magnification


Equipment For Beneficiaries With Hearing Impairments

  • Hearing aids – Body Level, Analog, Digital, Programmable, Personal FM, Bone Vibrator
  • Bluetooth neck loop for hearing aids
  • Vibratory alarm
  • Baby cry alert
  • Doorbell signaler
  • Fire smoke alarm
  • Telephone signaler
  • Amplified telephone
  • Telephone amplifier
  • Audio induction loop
  • Infrared system
  • Educational material for less than 10 years of age – language book, speech exercise book, story book, puppets, puzzle, toys, shape, clock, sound, action card etc.


Equipment For Speech Disability

  • Sign language learning book/software
  • Optional Communication Enhancement Device (AAC)
  • Tablet Computer
  • Electrolarynx
  • Voice Amplifier
  • Stoma Cover, Shower Protector, Stoma Brush


Equipment For Intellectual Disability

  • For early intervention age group (0-3 years)
    • Educational toys
    • "Rapid" Book for Parents
  • For pre-primary age group (3-6 years)
    • Abacus, Magic Slate, Coloring, Puzzle, Counting E-Games
    • "Towards Freedom" Books for Parents
  • For primary age group (7-11 years)
    • Puzzles, Slate, Abacus, Picture Books, Markbooks
    • Executive Education for Parents, E-Flipchart
  • For secondary and pre-employment age groups (12-18 years)
    • Social Helper, Alphabet, Needle Thread, General Knowledge, Mobile Phone, Calculator, Digital Clock, Class 2-3 Books, Mathematical Board, Measurement (Tape, Cup), Story Books
    • Working Education for Parents, Enumeration E-Books


Assistance For Multiple Disabilities

  • Early intervention for age group 0-3 years
    • Sound board, Water sports, Gloves, Shape, Sight/hearing/smell stimulator kit, Pre-cane
  • For pre-school child age group 3-6 years
    • Sign Language, Pre-Braille Books, Typoscope, Picture Books, Emboss Books, Calendar, Signs, Trampoline
  • For school students aged above 6 years
    • Sign Language, Pre-Braille Books, Typoscope, Writing Tools, Emboss Books, Calendar, Signs, Trampoline, Android Tablet


Our Special Services under ADIP

  • Cochlear Implant
    • Package up to Rs. 6 lakhs (implant and treatment)
    • Applicable only under (AYJNISHD(D)) Mumbai 
    • Application can be filled online at
  • Motorized tricycles and wheelchairs
    • Upto Rs. 25000 will be waived off for the purchase once in every 10 years.
    • Only given to individuals with mobile disabilities above 16 years of age who are not intellectually handicapped.