All kids are unique in their own ways. But, when they have specific physical differences, they have distinctive needs and require special attention. The department of special education assesses the children with special education needs with the use of suitable special education assessment tools and prepares the individualized education program. The periodic evaluation is made on kids attending special education services. We use the low-cost teaching material prepared by the department for increasing the understanding and learning process. We also provide an opportunity for the parents to participate in the training program. Here we also teach curricular and co-curricular activities to children with special education needs for enhancing their potential.

School Readiness

The department of special - education used to prepare children with disabilities for admission in regular schools using action plans, regular activities & methods under the school readiness program. So, the child with a disability is not denied admission in the neighborhood regular school. Here we prepare the children with disabilities with sufficient abilities for functionality in the regular school. For example, the child with intellectual disability/autism given the training in cognitive, social, language, pre-writing, pre-reading, pre-arithmetic skills, motor, and self-help skills, etc. depending upon the severity, age & current level of counseling of the child.

Training & Learning Materials (TLM)

We provide the special education service to children with special needs through using the suitable need based age appropriate and low cost teaching learning material. In the department we prepare the low cost and need-based teaching-learning materials like flash cards etc for children with special education needs. The teaching-learning materials are helpful to make them understand the concept of teaching activities. Each type of child with special needs required different kind of teaching learning materials. Additionally, we undertake numerous training and learning sessions for kids, parents as well as kindergartens from time to time to treat all children equally without making them feel distinct.

Educational Guidance and Counseling

We provide the educational guidance and counseling to the parents of children with special needs and the individual who has an educational problem. Through counseling, we promote their educational and career development.

Pre-vocational Training

Pre-vocational training is part of a total reputation program. The center provides pre-vocational training to an individual with disabilities as per their potential and need. It is part of the total rehabilitation program, it is important to phase the training program between schools to work. Pre-vocational training helps in developing the individual's personality from being students to a worker. Here, we will provide training in cognitive skills, personal skills, social skills & work-related skills.