The Orientation & Mobility Training Unit guides individuals with visual impairment on the concepts and skills necessary for them to travel safely and efficiently in their environment. Especially, the orientation skills enable people with visual impairments to use sensory information to know their location in different settings and mobility skills enable them to travel in different areas. As a part of orientation and mobility following skills are taught:

  • Skills in movement with a sighted guide
  • Protective techniques
  • Indoor, outdoor cane skills
  • Street crossings
  • Use of public transportation
  • Social interaction skills
  • Recreation and leisure
  • Independent living skills and personal management
  • Map reading skills
  • Assistive technology skills
  • Self-determination skills

Through our orientation & mobility training, Persons with visual impairment attains more independence to move indoors as well as outdoors and do their activities of daily living independently. And thus, enabled to start or continue education to gain meaningful occupation depending on their age.