Parents with different types of disabled children often need training in basic child care, health, and safety child behavior management, parent-child interaction, social skills, problem-solving, or decision making, managing transition and stress management. The parents of divyang children have to adjust to a wide variety of emotional and psychological problems where the first thing is the failure of their expectations.

Training is a formal procedure or transaction in which both professionals and parents aim to find a mutually acceptable plan of different and adjustment parents may need support to cope with their own personal inadequacies.

Training should be a continuous process in which the parents can learn to accept the child as a different rather than a lesser person. The parents will have many conversations about their children and about their problem but when they turn to professionals for help through training they are looking for something more. Training is a formal procedure in which built entrusted by the parents.

Composite Regional Centre (CRC) Bhopal has organized the parents training program for many years. Centre provided training for different types of disabled parents. Our purpose to bring wisdom for parents, give them special knowledge devising a mutually or acceptable plan of adjustment, help coping, stress, the strength of their relationship, and learning how to take better care of themselves.

We have expert professionals in different areas like PMR, OT, PT, ST, clinical psychologists, special educators; for example, who teach and solve problems in parents training programs.

Our main goal in the parents training program are:

  • Balance caretaking
  • Respect emotional differences
  • Process feeling
  • Take care of both parents and bearer
  • Build a healthy relationship
  • Stress management
  • Family building

We care to provide behavioral management, ADL training, SRP, vocational guidance and government benefit.