The centre conducts a skill training program for the Person with Disabilities to make them skillful and self-reliant. The primary objective behind this training is to impart knowledge to the people suffering from disabilities living in rural areas who don't have access to resources. Due to the lack of resources, they remain uneducated and turn out to be economically dependent. The skill training sessions are mostly conducted as group and community training programs to encourage physically challenged people to lead their life on own and turning their challenges to their strength.

  • The centre has trained three hundred and eighty-nine Persons with Disabilities under the SIPDA scheme during 2015-16 with the help of impaneled training partners from different parts of the country under the guidance of AYJNISHD-Mumbai.
  • We have links with several governmental and non-profit organizations(NPOs) to collaborate and offer vocational training in remote areas.
  • We do organize camps and educate the PwDs with the schemes that can offer them aid in skill development training and courses.